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Privacy Policy

1. To order efficiently from SOCCERPETER, you must have the right and ability to purchase related products. By placing an order, you are deemed to comply with the above conditions, and you are responsible for the authenticity of all information you provide in the order.

2. When placing an order, carefully confirm the name, price, quantity, size, contact address, telephone number, recipient and other information of the products purchased. If the recipient is not yourself, the recipient's actions and expressions of intention will be considered your actions and expressions of intention, and you will assume joint and several liabilities for the legal consequences of the recipient's actions and expressions of intention.

3. You understand and agree: the information about the products and prices displayed on this website is an invitation only. When you place an order, you must fill in the quantity, price and payment method, recipient, contact information and delivery address of products that you want to buy. The order information generated by the system is the data generated automatically by the information system of the computer according to the content that you complete. After SOCCERPETER receives your order information, only when SOCCERPETER sends you the products that you ordered in the order from the warehouse, will it be considered a contractual relationship between you and the seller.

4. If the products you purchase on this website are delivered by PayPal or the credit card company to complete the order for you, the signature time recorded in the system or receipt is the delivery time; If you buy the service, the time indicated in the electronic or physical voucher generated is the delivery time.